Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monty Got a Raw Deal

I'm hoping to have multiple posts today. I wanted to start with an example of a group calling itself Christian, having no idea what it means to be Christ-like. Some of you may have heard this already. Apparently, during Gen Con, there was, as per usual, an attempt to raise money for a charity. This year, in commemoration of the death of Gary Gygax, they decided to donate to his favorite charity; the Christian Children's Fund. Over $17,000 was raised to help impoverished children around the world. That donation was rejected out of hand, apparently because some of the money came from the sale of Dungeons and Dragons books.

Let me repeat that. $17,000 was to be donated to a charity and they rejected it because it came from gamers.

Every year, our various roleplaying groups tend to raise at least $1000 in cash to be donated to charity, and a lot more in toys given to Toys for Tots. This charity rejects that. I'd like to find somewhere in the Bible where it says "Take not the money of the gamer, for... um... hold on, there's got to be something... he drinketh the coffee and the Mountain Dew, therefore you should know him as unclean? Does that work?"

Now and then I'd like to have a machine that helps me have a conversation with the guy who started their religion.

Me: So Jesus, a bunch of guys who claim to do what you want rejected a $17,000 donation because it came from a group of people who occasionally sit around a table, roll dice and pretend to be fantasy characters.

Jesus: Say what?

Me: I'm trying to remember the sermon you gave about roleplayers being unholy, can you help me with this.

Jesus: No man, I've got no idea what those crazy m0therf@ck3rs are talking about.

I sent a letter to them in my disgust, and I think I was fairly level-headed for an angry antitheist.

Good morning,

Every year a roleplaying group I am involved with raises hundreds to thousands of dollars to donate to charities. During the crisis around hurricane Katrina our small group of less than 20 was able to make a donation totalling over $1000 raised within the period of 6 days. Recently it has come to my attention that your charitable group refused a donation of more than $17,000 from the organizers of GenCon. I have yet to find a reasonable explanation for this rejection of money to help those in need.

Refusing the donation of this money raised in memory of a man who donated to your organization countless times cannot be considered at all Christ-like. I am confused at the explanation you are giving the children who will not receive this well needed funds. Have you told them that they will not receive the sanitation they need because a gamer wanted to give to them? I have found no mention of this rejection on your website. Have you in any way communicated this rejection to your other donors?

I am confused at your actions, but primarily I am sad for the children. I am in the process of making this rejection aware to my friends, many of whom are gamers, to find alternative charities for donation. Please reconsider this stance as those who are trying to make a difference are trying to aid you.

Thank you,

So, many of you know that I have a general contempt for religion and wouldn't have donated to them anyway, but can someone who practices a religion help me out with this?

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