Friday, January 9, 2009


Doing much better, by the by. I think the post did serve to purge some of the demons. Now the new twist is getting used to living with new people. I'm used to a lot more quiet and alone time. Let me say clearly that this is not necessarily a bad thing, just very different.

I watched Death Bed, The Bed That Eats the other night. Irredeemable crap.

Now I like bad movies, I especially like bad horror movies, and I am grateful that I watched this movie because I think it has helped explain what it is that I like about bad horror movies. Most of the time when a bad movie is made you can sense one of two distinct feels, perhaps motive is a better word: either they know that they are setting out to make a bad movie and attempt nothing better (Slither, Zombi 2) or they would like to make a good movie and are forced to make decisions due to lack of experience or funding (Night of the Living Dead (and yes I'll argue this is a bad and a good movie), Evil Dead).

Death Bed was somewhere in between. Some will argue that it falls into the latter category mentioned above (good intentions, bad funding), but I disagree. Give Romero or Raimi a bigger budget and a skilled effects crew and they could remake those movies to incredible effect (the rest of the Dead series and Evil Dead 2). Writer-Director-Producer George Barry no doubt thought he was in the latter category, but there is no way you can plant that seed and have anything prosper. The premise is incomprehensible, the script is nonsensical, the magical narrator seems to have no way of knowing what he knows, and much of it is an excuse to re-use the effects they had or to show one of the women with her shirt off. Kidnap Spielberg at gunpoint and force him to make this movie and you wouldn't get anything better, just a larger budget. This movie fails on all fronts. Rocket Time was better.

That's all for this rant. Next time... poodles. Or something.

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"Rocket Time" is Waaaaaaaaay better!